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Sunrise in Farm Country by mshambli Sunrise in Farm Country by mshambli
Sunrise in Farm Country.

There are hundreds and thousands of pictures like this here and all around. On the weather channel every night.


Bothers the heck out of me that it's primarily caused by pollutants in the atmosphere. Exploding volcanos, hydrocarbons, you know, the bad stuff.
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tsgs100 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015  Professional Photographer
Great Shot!
Czibi Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
love sunrises :)
Spangler-Imagery Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Professional General Artist
True, that. So much floating around that it is hard to tell what WE have done, versus Nature. Of course, Mankind has been irradiating the world for many decades, now, to the point that Carbon Dating is a mere myth. You can not accurately gauge the age of anything by the half life of Carbon, after the Atomic Age began. Atomic and Nuclear energy have a nasty habit of recombining with these molecules, when there is an 'amount' of it present - such as when you detonate atomic bombs. Anyone who thinks that we are safe from these blasts simply because they are done,'underground', needs to rethink the term "Safe". Yea, safe, if you consider that the amount of radiation the radiates the entirety of the world is a number of RADS equal to that we are bombarded by in a year's worth of Sunlight - or more. Okay,.. someone snatch the soap box out from under my feet now, before I get something started,..
Jen-The-devianter Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Student Photographer
Nice photo!
mshambli Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012
Thanks all for the comments!
Iessika Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012
Looks like it was a beauty of a sunset, great capture. You seem like a very interesting person, judging by your journals... and I mostly like what you state and bring forward. If I may ask you a (possibly broad) question... How do you experience this age... of technology? Do you think it's worse than say - 30 years ago? How do currently feel in America?

Of course, you don't have to answer if you feel uncomfortable with it.

[And... just by the way... not to insult your intelligence, but rather for my own convenience: if you happen to reply this message, you can click on the 'reply' button under my picture next to this message. I truly don't mean to insult you, I just noticed that you didn't really reply in that fashion to other people, which means that they weren't notified that you did in fact answer them... That's all basically, I'd love to know it if you have answered me.]
mshambli Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012
Some of these photos were taken a decade or more ago, just finally found the place to share them.

This is going to be a short book, so get comfortable before you start it.

I'm probably one of the few "old" people that experience technology with constant joy and wonder. In part, because the first book I remember reading is Dolphin Island by Arthur C. Clarke, in the 4th grade, i.e. 9 years old.

In that book, kids used back-pack computers to communicate with dolphins. I was hooked! This was after Sputnik, before the moon landing! Everything about technology was current and fascinating and real and scary. (ref. Cold War. In grade school we did duck and cover drills in case of nuclear attack. Yes, they were serious.)

Since I was hooked in the imagination early, it was one of the few things I ever stuck with. I became a computer technician/programmer with a Commodore 32n in 1978. Had a six inch amber display that was hot stuff then. Just made the hook even stronger.

I have always found ways to increase my knowledge and experience with the "new" technology. Within 10 feet of where I'm sitting there are three running computers doing various things, including TV, Database, Downloading stuff, etc. There's an 8 terabyte disk array, storing stuff, a blu-ray writer, a dvd writer, the alienware gaming computer I carry around, a PS/3, a sony blu-ray player, and a high-def Samsung TV, that plays whatever I want it to play.

This is not necessarily good. For 30 years, this is about all I've done. The only people I knew were at work, or my landlord. I only went "out" with work folk. I rarely dated. I never married.

A consequence of my technologial knowledge is that I find it difficult to communicate with people. I do not understand that people do not understand technology, if you get the drift of what I'm saying there. What woke me up is that "dreaded" 50th birthday, and the reality of my own mortality. I started paying attention to more than the machines.

HOWEVER, I also believe that technology can and will be the primary salvation of us all. We have literally become a global community. I know more about the Egyptian election than how the mayor was elected in my own home town. And have more opinions (mostly good) about the Islamic Brotherhood than I do the governor of my own state.

This is one of those things where the genie is out of the bottle and pandora's box won't be closed. It isn't that it's worse or better, it's that the change has been made and can't be un-made.

A long path to get to the root of your question, but I felt some context was probably appropriate.

In the context of art, technology will always be good. What if da Vinci, or Reuben had had iPads? They might not be as famous, but we might know the meaning of the Mona Lisa smile. Granted there should always be mysteries in the world, but my opinion is the mysteries should have more meaning, like cancer cures in the rain forest, or shark cartilage curing diabetes. Art is art, and will always rise to the top, regardless of the medium.

How I feel in America? Still the best place to be. Taxes, bad roads, crooked politicians, homeless in the streets, hungry kids by the millions, the highest per capita prison population in the world, BUT...

ANYONE can still be president. Whether they should be or not...

ANYONE can still be whatever they're willing to work to be.

ANYONE can still be happy or sad or industrious or lazy, or doped or sober, or religious or everything all at once. (I've tried all that, and it's more fun than it sounds.)

I don't know that historical comparison's work. I have a friend who firmly believes that thing were better in the 1850s, because all he thinks about is that he likes to camp out, hunt, and eat venison, and that's what he thinks living in 1850 was like. In reality, there was dysentary, any number of simple diseases could kill you, any number of people could kill you for no reason.

Some might look at the historical perspective and say things might be better or worse.

I look at the historical perspective and say let's not make those mistakes again.

Sorry, I find the older I get, the greater tendency I have to spew my opinion. Thank you for the opportunity!

If you wish to discuss/argue any of these points, feel free. Always open to a good debate!
Iessika Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012
Oh wow... Your reaction is everything I hoped for and more, thank you for that. I actually have very strong opinions on these matters, however I do believe in hearing a lot of different opinions too. In so much that if I ever see a side of something that I haven't considered before, that I can weigh everything up again and make sure of where I stand. That's why I love talking to people who've already had a lifetime to think about important things...

I really think that you have an interesting story, in fact, you are the very first person I have met of your age who is so far and so heavily involved in technology. You also raised a lot of fair and accurate points (i.e. that due to the internet/cable we're able to listen to what's going on at the other side of the globe pretty much the minute it happens), and it was good to hear some fresh perspectives on things. I think I will give my opinions on a few things, but I'd rather not make it a (heated) debate. Rather a fair and peaceful exchange of opinions.

When you say that technology can and will be the primary salvation of us all, I suspect that you take that as a positive thing? Just as the fact that we've become a global community? If that's the case, I strongly disagree there, but my reasons and explanations are not able to be typed out in five minutes. I'll just give one reason for why I am so against globalism in general: if there would come a Nazi-alike era again in those circumstances, there would be no allies to rescue us as they've done before in Europe. I'll keep it at that.

But you're entirely right that what's been developed can not be unmade, etc. I believe that it's actually a sad thing that humanity is never satisfied and always keeps searching for newer things. I already feel utterly depressed whenever I sit in a train or bus. I can remember that even just ten to seven years ago (and I'm just twenty four), I was able to talk to strangers and be friendly. These days everyone is wearing headphones or is busy on their cellphones.

I think that the biggest surprise in your post was that you said that America still is the best place to be. I don't think that it is my right here to say much (because I did not ask you these questions so that I could vent), except that I have read an awful lot of news over the past two years and that I actually couldn't disagree more. However, journals and news articles compared to life-experiences are probably a different thing. For example, when you said that anyone can still be president, I immediately had to think about Ron Paul and how he and his campaign has been banned as much as possible from the main news channels. And about the huge economic depression, unemployment rates,...

I'll actually just keep it at that, I suppose that if you're really interested in my (further) opinions that you could note me, but I'm not interested in a debate for the sake of debating - one that won't go anywhere. I'd much rather just agree to disagree in that case. Thank you for your comments, hey.
Aradical-Man Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
An outstanding photo. I hope you enjoyed it.
vpaton Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Student Artist
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