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In general, this is a very good photo. It is a "city view" that not only shows the clean architectural lines of the city, it shows the ...

Drowning In Red. by photabby

In general, I believe this is a very good composition. There is enough going on in the photo to cause me to look at it more than once. ...


I was reading back through some of the comments I've received.  

I'm strictly an amateur, as much interested in the technology of photography, as in the pictures I can take.

Most folks seem to like the pictures, some asking where they're at, etc., and some have speculated about where, even as far away as New Zealand.

I suspect the truth is that *everybody* lives in a place with superb photo opportunities.

It's just that if we've live there, we don't necessarily see what's literally all around us.

It's sort of like when I took biology in high school and one of the assignments was to figure out how many organisms were in a cubic inch of soil.  In Iowa, this number can be in the hundreds, if bacteria, mold, etc. are counted.

The scenery around us is like that in building style, the flora, the fauna, and the people.

Just because you may have seen it every day of your life, does not mean it's not interesting to everyone else.

Or, more positively, you just need to start looking, before you can see.  Just stand still for a few minutes.
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Mark. Looking for the next daVinci! dA... What a place to look!
United States
Iowa. Doesn't get much more middle in the US, other than Kansas. More corn then flowers, more pigs than people, tasty little devils. Pigs, not people. Though there's this one girl from high school....

I'm not really looking to be watched, so don't feel obligated to watch me because I watch you.

Probably the best way to describe myself in the context of dArt, is that I'm the old guy you always see sitting by himself on the bench at the Mall or in front of the grocery store. I'm not a pervert scoping out teenagers, I'm trying to figure out what makes people go and do the things they do. The places you don't see me watching, because there are more interesting things to see, is at construction sites, libraries, cafeterias, bars, anywhere people come and go.

Part of the reason for this is that I've taken so many freaking psycho and socio courses that now I'm just trying to figure out what they were talking about.

I do interact with people, usually too many during any given day, so it's fun to just sit and watch the world of people go by.

dArt is just the on-line extension of this. Many folks tend to expose their souls in their art, whether they mean to or not, and, for me, it's fun trying to figure out what's going on both in the art, and the intent that created the art. There are some amazingly prolific people here so it's *really* fun for a people watcher.

If you've ever seen the TV show "Fringe", I closely identify with the bald guys.

Some favorite quotes, and friends have already heard them too many times. There's even a drinking game...

"Life Sucks! Then you die." Not mine at all, but true.

"You have asked a question for which I do not have an answer." Possibly original, but maybe heard it in a movie.

"I am now leaving this place." Usually takes an hour or two to do this. Always something else to do, or the phone rings...


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